How to Clean Loose Rugs and Carpets

294686,xcitefun-hand-tufted-acrylic-carpet-rug-lz-ql-030Even if you prefer the looks of wooden flooring, flagstones or a similar hard surface for your flooring, you probably have a loose rug or two somewhere around the house. Rugs soften the appearance and feel of hard surfaces and are comfortable for activities that take place on the floor, such as exercise or playing with children. But the time will come when loose rugs will need to be cleaned.

You can do a reasonable job of cleaning a loose rug with a vacuum cleaner. This will require some co-ordinations, as a very strong vacuum cleaner will move the rug around or even latch onto part of the rug and start lifting it up. You will need to put the vacuum cleaner on one half of the rug while vacuuming the other half, then swap over. You will still need to smooth the corners down and rearrange the rug so it is sitting straight. This technique, however, only works on larger rugs. Smaller ones are more of a nuisance if you try to vacuum them.

To clean a smaller rug or any rug that has a thicker pile and doesn’t get thoroughly clean with just vacuuming, roll the rug up and take it outside. Find a good open space, and give the rug a hard shake. This requires a fair amount of physical strength. Shaking will dislodge larger items of debris and dust, but dust and hair will probably still be trapped in the pile. Small rugs can be shaken for longer, and this is likely to get them properly clean.

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